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제85호 <신학과 실천>(와국어) 차례

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Theology and Praxis

Vol. 85 / 2023


Table of Contents



Shin, Soo-Jin. Political Distortions of the Divine Holiness in Korean Church Services

Bae, Myung-Ji. The Characteristics of Sanctification Theory Appeared in John Wesley's Sermon on the Beatitudes

Kim, Jang-Yob. Pentecostal Doctrine and Relationality

Moon, Sung-Il. Psychoanalytic Approach to the Centering Prayer: Focused on Winnicott’s and Keating’s Ideas

Jeon, Jeseph. Futuristic Aspect and Analysis of the Biblical Counseling

Kim, Tai-Hyoung. A Possibility of Experience of Grace as Selfobject

Ko, You-Sik. Pastoral-theologische Studie zur Befreiung vom Pastor-Vergötzen

Park, Sang-Hee. Proposal of a New God-Representation for Modern People

Hur, Jeongyun April. Understanding Mothers’ Lived Theology through “Living Web of Worldviews”

Shin, Hyun-Kwang. A Research on Spiritual Formation in Christian Education

Chun, Bo-Hyun. Rethinking the Office of Deacon to Enhance Social Dialogue in Korean Presbyterian Churches

Hwang, Byung-June,

Robinson Simanungkalit. An Examination of Pastoral Ministry for the Dying Explored in the Context of Psalm 88

KANG, An-Il. Die Orientierung der Lebensethik Bonhoeffers - nach seiner “Ethik”


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